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Cheryl Smith

Message from the Santalady

Merry Christmas! What did I hear? Yes...Merry Christmas. But it's not December. I know, but don't you just love these Santas? Yes, they're beautiful and they are hand painted from start to finish by me. Who is me? I am Cheryl Smith and I've been collecting, selling, creating, all types of Santas for over 25 years. I began collecting them because I loved the colors and sentiment of Santa. He is a wonderful, jolly icon that brings to mind a happy and joyful period of time. Working in ceramics shops, raising children, and collecting Santas have been my passion for a long time and I don't see it slowing down. I have Santas that represent athletic teams, sports, states, and professions. If a mold exists, I'll track it down and will pour and color to your specifications or at least I'll try my best....

Love ya,




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